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Automatic Transmission Fluid Specifications


Current Recommendations

KJ - 2.3L V6 (LJ4A-EL):  DEXRON VI



ATF Change Schedule

Schedule 1 conditions - Pan drain/fill every 40,000 miles or 64,000 kilometers

Schedule 2 conditions - Pan drain/fill every 30,000 miles or 48,000 kilometers

Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operated mainly where none of the following conditions apply.  If any do apply, follow Schedule 2.


Original ATF Specification Information (1993-2002)

KJ, KL:  Mazda M-III or Dexron II / Dexron III equivalent

DEXRON is a licensed ATF specification developed by General Motors.  For many years, manufacturers other than GM have designed their automatic transmissions around the DEXRON hydraulic specification due to its popularity and relative standardization of its properties in the ATF market.  In 2007, GM terminated all licenses for DEXRON III, just as it did for DEXRON II when the DEXRON III specification was released.

Like DEXRON III, DEXRON VI is backward compatible with any transmission application that specifies use of an earlier DEXRON specification.  Specifications IV (4) and V (5) were intentionally skipped and DEXRON VI (6) supersedes DEXRON III (3).  See GM Release Document on Dexron VI specification and licensing for more information.